Friday, 31 December 2010

Santa... Am I Too Late?!...

Now, for some reason, dear readers (if I have any!), I've had the sudden urge to own a Barbour jacket.  Why?  I'm not too sure.  I don't live on a farm, therefore have no sheep to herd or fields to harvest... but still, there's a little voice inside me that's getting louder, trying to persuade me to delve deeper into my overdraft and spend the (my gosh) £199 on one.  It is admittedly a dream of mine to live on a farm, with a sheepdog, in a wonderful farmhouse, and with Matt Baker... (although that could be a problem due to the fact that he is already married...damn).  If not Matt (I can hope can't I?), then someone very similar please.  I've realised that I've now gone off on an idealistic tangent, so lets get back to business; I want a Barbour and I want one NOW.

This lovely one would do me nicely... with the limited edition Liberty print inside, I think it's worth the two hundred quid... don't you?  
(Say yes.)

Picture above: Barbour 'Kate' Medium Weight Jacket, Red £199, available from John Lewis.
... one step closer to the country dream.

Matt Baker.  Gymnast, dancer, country boy, sadly not available at the moment.