Tuesday, 2 February 2010

The one day I don't finish work at 7pm...

At the moment, I am making coffee for a living... exciting, I know. I worked at Costa in my last year of university, and then managed to find a job at home putting those latte-making skills to some use. So you could say I got some kind of job out of going to uni..! Not quite the career path I want to take, but I quite enjoy it, and it puts some money into my very empty bank account for the time being. Plus I get free use of the leisure centre (where the coffee bar is situated), which is a big money saver!

Usually I finish work in the evening, but Tuesdays are the one day of the working week that I get to finish earlier, because I have netball in the evening. I thought I'd make the most of this time and post a little something on here. Perhaps a couple of drawings...? We shall see.

I am quite fond of my squirrel. He looks quite mischievous.

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  1. I would like you to draw me a squirrel please :-)