Monday, 22 March 2010

I like to layer...

It sounds rather backwards, I know, but these laser cut pieces came before my drawing work, featured below in previous posts.  I did more fabric work in semester 1 of my final year at Loughborough, compared to none at all in my final project of semester 2!  I intended to produce large laser cut pieces from the drawings I created, but decided to just stick with the drawing instead.  Who knows, I may well continue and actually get some large pieces made up some day...

Here I have two laser-cut designs layered upon each other, and then onto a flat piece of fabric.  The pink PVC-type fabric on top has large flowers cut out of it, whilst the blue satin fabric below features smaller flowers with geometic shapes, that represent urban buildings.  The idea was to juxtapose urban life with rural countryside.  (In my final project I just focused on the latter).

Here is a stranger mix of urban and rural life.  I tried mixing up different fabrics to see what would happen to the overall effect of the samples.

The satin fabrics worked extremely well with the laser cutter... so incredibly satisfying.

The laser-cutter man kindly kept all the bits that were cut out of the designs for me, which I used on other samples.  It was extremely fiddly trying to stick 2mm squares down!

Rabbit, leaves and flowers... oh, and some more teeny weeny squares!

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